Monday, May 23, 2022

The Agility Bra, Tank and Dress

agility tank top

I've come full circle with 5outo4 patterns (affiliate link).  I started with the Agility Bra and Tank and here we are again!

The very first pattern I ever made from 5outof4 patters (affiliate link) was the Agility.  It was my first introduction to the patterns that have so many options, it's sometimes hard to narrow down what to start first!  It was also my first experience with a well thought out tutorial, full of amazing pictures, and very clear instructions.  

agility tank top
This first tank had a little mishap at the center front that made it slightly sketchy to wear in public, so I improvised and had to add a little fabric.  This had nothing to do with poorly written instructions.  It was all my poorly executed reading.

I love wearing these tanks because they are all in and I like the flow in the overlay.  I also used this overlay to hack another style bra from another company, but that's for a different post.

agility tank top
As with most patterns I like, once I start, I can't stop, so this was the next one.  This is probably my most favorite of my Agility collection.  The overlay is this amazing knit that just flows and is soft and I have no memory of buying.  I used it for the grey and black one too.  It's something I would have bought yards of if I'd known how it would hold up.  I also absolutely love the fun colors of the bra.

The Agility as a tank has two underarm heights.  I chose the slightly higher one, but there's one that goes lower than the bra.  I see a lot of them as bathing suits.  

agility bra

I also have made the Agility as just a stand alone bra twice.  I made the straps a little too snug on the first one so I don't wear it much.  The straps on this are fantastic.  For this version,  because my torso is short and my ribs stick out at the top, I shortened it slightly and used 1 inch elastic.  I find that to be a little more supportive than the recommende 3/4 inch.

And speaking of support, this is more of a yoga, run and do errands bra.  I tried adding power mesh and bra cups.  The first bra cups I tried were too point, think 1950s cone shaped bras and I really didn't like them.  They looked fake and also, I'll wear this for yoga if I laid on muy stomach, those cones would crush!  I also tried using bra cups but with this fabric, it seemed to highlight the outline of the cups, no matter how I arranged them.  Shortening this one slightly makes is feel a tad more supportive but I've come to terms with this never being one I'd run or jump or ride in.  

agility bra back
It's really comfortable, nothing digs in, and even the straps are easy to wear.  Straps on sports bras tend to want to creep close to my neck and end up giving me a headache but not these.  I did a fun criss-cross with the straps but you could play with them more.  There's also a T back that I haven't tried, if straps make you crazy.

I've learned that the way to put on a bra with straps like these is to make sure you know where your head is going before you start.  Once it's on, at least one of the straps will be twisted, so you just have to wiggle it and maybe do a little shimmy to get it flipped the right way.  Most of my home made sports bras have straps like these and I've mastered getting them on without getting tangled and then wiggling just right to get everything laying flat.

agility sports bra
This fabric is some kind of athletic knit.   It was a remnant from Joann and when I bought it, I remember thinking it was compression fabric.  It's not.  It's got a nice recovery, but it's not a heavy compression fabric.  I used powermesh on the inside.  

The overlay can be extended all the way to a dress.  I considered that but I wouldn't be able to wear it to work and there aren't many occasions where I'd want to have a cute dress that looks like this.  I've seen pictures that I really like of the dress length, but it's not for me, right now.  

Oh and as with so many 5outof4 patterns (affiliate link), there's a nursing option as well.  

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