Friday, April 28, 2023

The New Hannah Pattern

I tested the new Hannah pattern from 5outof4 (affiliate link) patterns in the dress length.  This pattern has so many options: bikini, crop, full length top, dress and maxi dress.  
    The bikini tops are cute in swim fabric and really have a fun swing to them! This is the first 5outof4 (affiliate link) pattern that I haven’t had to shorten the 3 inches in my torso that I usually do.  
This pattern is a lot like the Cecilia on top- close fitting through  the bust and then it flows!  Like Cecilia,  this pattern also comes with the optional bra and suggestions for adding support if you’d like that.  You can do wide or narrow straps and fold over elastic (FOE) is also suggested as an option.  You can cross your straps at the back like I did, or leave them straight and there’s a suggestion in the directions to add elastic in the straps if you like that support.

My fabric choices were not the best for this pattern.  After seeing a lot of other tester makes, it looks like swim fabric and thin, drapey fabric are the best option if you really want that swing.  This grey one is Jersey knit and while I love the feel, it’s a little thick and sticks out more than the drape I like in this pattern.  The multi colored fabric is dbp, which again is a little thick, but drapes a little better.  A knit fabric with some rayon would be really nice for this in a dress or maxi length!

There are instructions for hemming but I left the multi colored unhemmed because I don’t have plans to wear it out in public much.  I just don’t love the way the color are set in it.  In the summer, I take a shower after supper and then like to put on something comfortable but that I could leave the house in if I were so inclined.  This will be perfect for that and also maybe for sleeping in since I like to go to the garden as soon as I get up and this is fairly presentable.

I for the grey one, I just turned up the hem 1/2 inch and didn’t use a stretch stitch because there’s plenty of width in the bottom of the dress, so stretch isn’t really needed there. 

I struggle with finding the right support mechanism in the built in bra.  Cups always look weird and I’ve tried power mesh layers but I don’t get what I’m looking for.  The fit is fine but for my eye, there is an ideal shape I’m looking for and I have yet to find the fabric to do that!

With so many options, including a nursing option in all of the styles, I suspect you will have a closet full of fun new makes from this pattern!  Click for 5outof4 (affiliate link) patterns!