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2008- I became an advisor for lia sophia jewelry.  I started my blog intending to talk about that.  After a couple of years, I decided to use it for my own entertainment, to share things that I come across every day that I think are purely insane.  Selling jewelry was a fun part time job, but I'm still a tomboy at heart and prefer getting dirty to looking fancy.  I also taught French and I taught spin classes at a women's gym and many other things along the way.

2009- I began to ride a horse which was a lifelong wish.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and fork over the cash for lessons and I'm loving every second of it.  I don't own a horse but someday I would like to.   You can read a lot about my riding joys and pitfalls on this blog.

2012- I became a Pampered Chef consultant because someone thought I had lots of free time!

2013-  My world flipped upside down because I was transferred to another school with no previous discussion or hint that this might happen.  After so many years in middle school, I moved to the 4th and 5th grade school.  It was like living on another planet in the very same district.

2015-  I changed the name of my blog to On Aunt Mildred's Porch.  Aunt Mildred was my Great, Great Aunt on my mother's side who had a mobilehome in our campground for most of my childhood.  You can read a better version of this story here, but for the cliff notes, keep reading.  She and my cousin would come and spend the summer in their mobilehome, which was the summertime office.  It was in the center of the campground any her porch was the center of my summer life.

My mother could almost always be found on the porch and if she wasn't there, Aunt Mildred usually knew where she was.  When I was very little, I wasn't allowed to leave site of Aunt Mildred's porch.  As I grew old enough to ride my bike around the campground, I was allowed to leave Aunt Mildred's porch as long as I checked in once in a while.

Once I was about 9, I realized that crafting was done a lot on Aunt Mildred's porch.  Mostly yarn crafts like crocheting and knitting.  As people noticed the crafting fest that went on, they'd drift in and out with macrame, cross stitch and other crafts, most of which I tried my hand at.

The memories of my summers on Aunt Mildred's porch are forever burned in my brain and they roll themselves out a lot like this blog!  There was always a hodgepodge of things going on, lots of laughs, and lots of crafts.

Aunt Mildred is long gone and her mobilehome was bought and completely transformed after she stopped coming.  It's still in the middle of the campground, but it's not the summer office anymore.  It's not the same color.  The porch is slightly different.  I never see any crafting going on.

I hope you feel like you're sitting on Aunt Mildred's porch as you visit my blog and share in my stories.  They aren't fancy, they are down home good, and they probably will make you laugh at their simple humor.  Just like Aunt Mildred.

2016- I changed jobs!  After 20 years teaching French, I because the Assistant Director of Technology in the same school district where I'd always taught.  Instead of teaching my own students, I work with everyone in the district to implement technology.  Our students have iPads, so a big portion of my time is spent helping teachers figure out how to use them in their classrooms.

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