Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's In A Name

Lia Sophia Tomgirl.

That's the name of this blog.

How often do we see titles but don't really read what they say.  We never process what they mean.  If you've ever really read the title, you must have thought it was really strange.

Originally, I created the blog because I had just become a rep for lia sophia jewelry and I had plans to talk about the jewelry here. That's why sparkling is in the URL.

I had no idea how blogs really worked and now I just laugh at what I thought I was going to do.

After a couple of posts that had nothing to do with jewelry, I realized that if I was going to start writing about whatever was in my head, there was going to be no real way to define myself.  And once I put up my first post about getting sweaty or filthy, I realized that I must come off like quite a tomboy.

Pairing the art of selling jewelry with someone who doesn't mind being covered head to toe in mud gave  me the idea for the name.

I call it irony.

And all these years later, not only do I not sell lia sophia jewelry anymore, the company went out of business!

Much of my blog is devoted to what I make, whether it's sewing, cooking, canning, crocheting, or sewing, thought there are still plenty of posts about digging in the dirt and doing things very tomboyish.  Or at least things that keep me constantly dirty (riding horses, for example).

Now that lia sophia has closed, I really think my name is ridiculous.  At least before, if someone happened upon it, they might have arrived here because they googled lia sophia and somehow connected to me.

But now, there's no rhyme or reason.

And sometimes, I really don't like my URL.

So, over the next....some period of time (I have no idea when), I'm planning to change the name of my blog and my URL.  That will first require that I buy the name for my URL.

Then I will have to make sure I direct it all properly.

Then I will change the theme a little to more reflect what I want my name to be.

So, if you come back and realize the colors are different and the title isn't quite right, you're still here. I'll still provide you will my perspectives on life around me.  I'll still show you my progress in the garden.  I'll still show how much I love Bernina.  I'll still share pictures of the horses I ride.

And most importantly, I will still share occasional pictures of my butt.

If you're curious about my new name, you can get a hint by following me on instagram!

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