Thursday, May 28, 2015

Devil With the Red Dress On

Do you know this song?  I happen to think it's great because I love red and my prom dress was red.  Not because I think I am the devil.  Or wish to be.

Glad we got that clear.

In all of my haste to make knit tops and dresses lately, as the warmer weather has rolled in, I've been thinking of flowing clothing that might keep me cool through June 30th.  Why June 30th?  Because that's the last day of school.

I know.  I accept your condolences.

And I'm not supposed to complain because on every one of those 6 snow days we had, I savored every second of my freedom and swore up and down I would not complain when this happened.

Instead of complaining out loud (but there's plenty of muttering going on in my head), I found what I thought would be a great pattern for a tank dress or top.  The pattern offers both options.

I was tickled when I found this remnant for less than $3 in a color I love and a fabric I am pretty sure I will enjoy to the max.

I like how loose it is, but I futzed with it a little and might have made the top tighter than I want it to be.

The bottom of the back hangs lower, like a shirt tail and I haven't really decided if I like that look or not.  It has a really nice curve but I think it looks a little odd from the side.

I call this "where's my hoola hoop??"

The fabric is very soft and flowy, probably something rayon like.  Almost slippery but not so much that I couldn't keep track of it through my machine.

It was so windy the day k-ster took pictures, it's hard to see any of the lines flowing properly.  In one picture I love it, in another I feel like I look large.

The only part of this dress that I don't like is that the back goes up so high.  I need to find a pattern where the back scoops down a little, especially if I want to make a top.  You can't see it because my hair is in the way, but it almost goes up to my neck.

In these pictures, I hadn't hemmed it yet, so the white at the bottom is just the serged edge.  And as I write this, I have not hemmed it, so I haven't worn it for real yet.

I call this "I think I'm stepping in something gross!"

Due to the use of my ipad for photography and the light at the time of day when these were taken, you can't see that there are small white clusters, almost like flowers on the fabric.  It's really lovely.

And for $3, I'd like to wear it until I wear a hole right in it and then wear it to mow the grass and do work.  Because why should work clothes always be dirty jeans?

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  1. Cute dress. Pinned and tweeted! Thanks for linking up and sharing with us at Funtastic Friday. Hope you join us again this week.


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