Monday, August 10, 2015

Entertaining On Pennies

When my niece was here last month, we had a lot of fun.  Because she's still little, my sister and brother in law don't try to plan lots of things to do, so that means a lot of time to just fool around and play in the yard. 

In fact, it was 90+ degrees with 30000% humidity, so when she saw my parents' irrigation system on, we couldn't resist running through the sprinklers.  I haven't done that in a really long time and even though it was so hot, it was shocking the first few times, but then I was so soaked, I didn't care anymore.

One day, I took her to an open tent theatre that we have here each summer and we saw "Cinderella". I put that in quotes because it was hardly any version of Cinderella I know.  First of all, because it's such a small theater and it's in the round, there were no curtains or backdrops and very few props.  A LOT was left to the imagination. 

There weren't too many actors and the names of the stepsisters were Disgustia and Putricia, not the names I think they have in any other version where they  have names.   It was pretty long and there was an intermission that lasted about 34 hours, so by the end, we were happy it was over. 

Then we had a picnic in a park, which I think was much more fun for both of us and then did some shopping which was also fun.

When we got home, she played in my hammock and I had completely forgotten about these pictures until today.  She thought it was so funny that I swung her in the hammock and would "bump" into the hammock each time she swung toward me.

Cinderella who?  This hammock was much more fun and FREE!

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