Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Making It So Easy To Eat Your Veggies

We didn't eat Brussels sprouts growing up and I've always heard only negative things about them.  Most people moan and groan about how awful they are and how when they were kids, they couldn't leave the table until they ate them all and it was pure torture.

I'm pretty sure those poor kids had to eat boiled Brussels sprouts which probably do taste dreadful.

I'm here to tell you why you need to roast Brussels sprouts and wow the masses.  My sister once mentioned that I should try roasting them in a little bit of olive oil and see what I think.  I was hooked immediately and I make them a lot.

I simply take frozen (because fresh are not really easy to find here and when I do find them, they are always sad and wilted looking) Brussels sprouts, put them on my favorite Pampered Chef stoneware, drizzle a touch of oil on top and cook them at around 415 degrees for about 20-30 minutes.  It's vague because I go in and stir them a few times and when everything starts to brown but not burn, they are done.

Even k-ster loves them.  We easily eat one bag of frozen Brussels sprouts between us and look for more every time!  There really isn't all that much in one of those frozen bags.

Recently, I noticed that Olives N Okra makes a version with pancetta and some garlic.  It sounded really good though I never buy pancetta.

One of the biggest tortures for me is when I get to the barn after school and I don't have a plan for supper.  If I don't figure it out before I ride, I spend a good portion of my ride wondering what I will make.  If I just planned my meals for the week, this would never be an issue but I don't seem to be able to plan my meals like that.

Just as I was getting my stuff together, I remembered that we had macaroni and cheese leftover.  Then I thought about the Brussels sprouts recipe with pancetta and the wheels started turning.  I wouldn't venture into the pancetta world because I've never used it, but I could get a thick piece of ham and do the same thing.  And I had some broccoli from my garden that needed to be eaten, so I figured I could combine it with the Brussels sprouts and make a lovely dish to go with the macaroni and cheese.

And this did not disappoint!  I put a bag of Brussels sprouts, a handful of broccoli, about half a pound of ham, some garlic and a little oil together on my stoneware.  I shook it around and coated everything and put it in the oven at 415 degrees for about a half hour.

The broccoli was a little delicate because it wasn't a firm head of broccoli, so it was very crispy when the rest of it was ready, but it made a really good companion to the macaroni and cheese!  I will definitely do this again!

If I made this for a fancy meal, I would eliminate the broccoli unless it was nice and firm.  Some people wouldn't want to eat the crispy florets that my garden is so good at growing.

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  1. I love recipes that just come together! Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday.


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