Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Fashion World Is No Match For Me

I've gone right over the edge.  By accident.  I've committed fashion murder.

Sort of.

I bought a pair of jeggings that I thought were jeans.  They looked like jeans and didn't have the telltale jeggings fakeness to them.    They felt like real denim.

They were super cheap so I should have known.

They are snug and then flare at the bottom.

When I realized the error of my ways, I almost took them back but it wasn't really worth the effort because they were like $14.  But they were too long and looked even more ridiculous rolled up like this.

But, since I don't have any respect for jeggings, I couldn't bring myself to hem them.

They were so long, they needed to be rolled up twice and they weren't staying rolled because of the flare, so I had no choice but to hem them.

And now I think they might be a little short, so I might take them out and redo them.  Or, I might never wear them in public so who will care?

I'm not kidding anyone.  I will obviously wear them in public because they are easy to wear and comfortable, right?

But, I think I need a belt because they keep slipping down.

Who wears jeggings with a belt??

Who hems jeggings?

And who hems them with gold thread?

That's right, gold!  I've had this gold thread on a bobbin for YEARS and never find a use for it.  When I tried to find the color that would match the topstitching on these high quality pants, I didn't have anything close.

So, I figured gold was the closest I was going to get and now I can totally entertain myself when I see my gold hems.

See that extra pocket detail there, and the grommet?  See how I might have thought they were real jeans?

After this fashion faux pas, it's all downhill.  Stay tuned for the mumus!

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  1. gold thread is better than what some people in staples. I love the jeggings

  2. Oh my :) I guess, since the price was right,and they are comfortable, it will work. Whenever the waist slips of my pants, I squeeze together the sides (on the inside) until they feel tight, then I pin and stitch them (again on the inside). It usually works out well enough. You are right, though. A belt would be a challenge to pull off with jeggings.


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