Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Parfait Perfection

Are you big dessert eaters in your house?  In my house, there's always the desire for dessert after supper, but there isn't always something for dessert.  I don't always bake desserts, I rarely buy them and sometimes, I don't want to think about dessert and all of the extra calories we don't need.

But someone always asks if there's dessert and scrounging around will quickly commence if something isn't provided.

Enter the parfait.  Parfaits are great for a bunch of reasons:

-they sound fancy because the word is French
-parfaits are really just mini trifles
-parfait means perfect in French, so you feel like you're making perfection
-you can totally make it up each time and it will always taste good
-you can put them in fancy glasses to fool everyone into thinking you're fancy

Wow, that's two fancies in one post.  I'm not fancy, so there must be some underlying Freudian thing at work here!

In my mind, parfaits are a mixture of fruit, yogurt, some kind of crumbs and something sweet.  This month, I've made the following parfait a few times to rave reviews:

-graham cracker crumbs
-Stonyfield vanilla 0% fat Greek yogurt
-frozen peaches

First, that Stonyfield vanilla Greek yogurt is so sweet, you'll think you're eating ice cream.  And it's not really as thick as the Greek yogurts I like, so it works well in this parfait.

I crush graham cracker crumbs and sprinkle them into the bottom of a glass, saving some for another layer.

Then I scoop in about an ice cream scoop full of yogurt.

I chop up the frozen peaches and sprinkle some in, saving some for another layer.

Sprinkle some coconut.

I used Dove chocolates that were super on sale from Christmas, but any kind of chocolate would work.  Chop it up and sprinkle.

Then do the whole thing again.

I use the peaches still frozen and make this as I begin making supper and let it sit out.  By the time supper is over, the peaches have thawed and the whole thing is a nice chilled dessert.

Big surprise:   my quantities are vague because it depends on how many you are making and how many things you are adding in.  I chop as I go.

Because there's yogurt in it, it's pretty filling, and because there's chocolate and coconut, it's pretty sweet, so everyone leaves feeling satisfied.  I can't verify the healthiness of it, but it's definitely better than brownies or fudge or pie, no doubt!

Over the years, I've done this with different kinds of yogurt and different fruits.  Experiment and see what you can put in your parfaits to make your family go crazy!

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  1. That fruit parfait looks so good!
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  2. Sounds delicious!

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