Monday, July 11, 2016

Patriotic Quilt #1

K-ster's cousin recently graduated from college and is a commissioned lieutenant in the Marines.  I decided to make a patriotic quilt for her, but it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do.  They sell fabric that has the Marines symbol on it and other military inspired logos but that didn't seem quite right.

It's not like she'll forget she's a Marine, so I don't need to make something so in your face.

Instead, I thought red, white and blue would be appropriate.

I've been wanting to make these stars for a while, so I thought this might be just the place.

I found all of these great fabrics really quickly at Joann, which is rare for me.  I  usually agonize over one or two forever and end up not completely thrilled.  These just fell into my hands and I still love them!

I made enough stars to make a whole separate quilt since they are just lap quilts, so I think I'll make one for myself.

I thought I loved this backing fabric but it has silver stars with glitter that are kind of rough.  I wouldn't use it again because it really would scratch your face if you rubbed it just right.

I quilted this one again with my wavy zigzag on an angle.  I think my walking foot might need to be replaced.  This wasn't a huge quilt but I broke 8 needles and finally realized that the foot is a little loose and the needle hit it a few times.  I don't know if all 8 broke for that reason but the last couple were definitely because of the foot.

I've ordered a new walking foot, so no more quilting until I get it.

I also bound this one slightly differently than before and I loved how it came out.  There was a great tutorial on that explained how to make a smooth join for the beginning and end.  usually, I just tuck them up and it's bulky but this made a smooth join that you can't see, so I will use that method again!

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