Friday, January 29, 2021

Taking Tweezers Into My Own Hands

Do you clean and oil your sewing machines yourself?

With my original Bernina 1001, I used to vacuum it out once in a while and put the drops of oil where the manual said to- when I thought about it.  In 25 years, I’ve had it professionally cleaned only once.  😮

When I bought my new Bernina a few years back, I thought maybe I should listen to what everyone says and oil it regularly and clean it more, etc.  

I forget how long ago, but at some point in the last year or so, my needle threader stopped working,  I started thinking about it the other day and decided to try to fix it.  A few YouTube searches revealed that you can pop it off and put on a new one, so I ordered one today and voila.

I was so thrilled that this was such a success, I decided to go ahead and do a deep clean like one of the guys in a video did.  I had no idea I could take this part off myself!  I also took out the bobbin hook and was able to remove some caught fuzz that I never would have seen with just my usual routine.  I took tweezers and pulled out some gunky stuff that was probably slowing things down.  

The best part is I was able to get it all back correctly and it works and sounds totally normal!  Nothing came flying out or shattered the needle- a total win in my book!

Now to attack my sergers.  When they are running well and nothing is giving me a hard time, the last thing I want to do is I thread them to clean them , only to discover I can never get back the magic I had.  And when there’s a problem and I have to retread, I’m never in the mindset to stop everything and clean.  It’s such a dilemma!

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