Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Sara Everyday Tank and Dress

The 5outof4patterns (affiliate linkSara Everyday Tank and Dress is such a easy and versatile pattern!  It's a staple you should have in your stash because it's super easy to whip up last minute!

I’ve made a few of the tops and really like the fit and the ease in the waist.  It really is for everyday wear!  When I decided to make it into a dress, I knew I wanted even more flow, so I use the top and then extended it based on the width and length of another pattern I have customized for knit dresses.  The dress in the actual pattern (affiliate link) is a little closer fitting through the hips than I wanted, mostly because it allows you to make it all the way to a maxi length dress.  

At 5'2", maxi is not for me.

I bought a "surprise pack" from Discovery Fabrics that had this pink and white striped bamboo stretch jersey, an oatmeal bamboo cotton jersey and a black micro tencel.  

As soon as I remembered I had the Sara Everyday pattern (affiliate link), I knew the pink and white stripes needed to be a dress.  This fabric is amazing.  Its lightweight but not see-through.  Stretchy but not too much.  In fact, the neck and arm bands hold up so nicely with this fabric!  I feel like I've already worn this too much this summer but a) I love pink and b) it's so easy to wear!

If you follow me on social media, you know how proud I am that these stripes matched so nicely on the sides 😂  

This micro tencel fabric is very slippery and easy to wear.  Not the best to work with because of that slipperiness but it's not the worst.  The only drawback is that because of the stretch, my arm and neckbands get a little stretchy as the day goes on.  I had already reduced the length in the bands a little bit, but I should have reduced it more.

I also made the oatmeal stretch jersey into a tank but the arm and neckbands are very wonky so I'm debating taking them off and doing it again.  I didn't bother to take a picture because I dont love how the bands came out.

For a beginner, this tank or dress is a fantastic option because it's only the front and back pieces, and the bands.  For an expert, you can knock this out in a half hour, including cutting, unless you permanently play fabric tetris because you never have enough fabric! 

Get your copy today!  (affiliate link)

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