Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dressing Me Up

We had an optional dress up day for 6th grade students today.  The topic somehow came up and the kids said they'd dress up but the teachers had to dress down.  That seemed like a strange trade off:  we get to be comfortable and the kids have a self imposed day of discomfort?

Count me in.

What I didn't realize is that the rest of the school had no idea this was going on.  So, seeing some 6th grade boys in ties and a few girls in heels wasn't so eyebrow raising.

Seeing the French teacher who usually dresses like this, or this  or this  oh no, wait they've never seen me like that, dress like this:

Really threw them for a loop.   I would never say I am a snazzy dresser.   I am a far cry from stylish or up to the minute in my fashion choices.  I refuse to tuck in my shirts, so I wouldn't wear a belt if you paid me.  Ok, I would if you paid me, but it would have to be cash and lots of it.

So wearing a t-shirt with words all over it and yoga pants and sneakers just sent them around the bend.  My wonderful colleagues flooded me with:

 "oh, is it field day?"
"did you just go for a run?"
"dressing for success today, are you?"

While my 7th grade students whispered and stared until I had to address my outfit in every class with them.  That made them laugh.

Again, I'm not fancy but I rarely wear anything with a print, let alone a word on it, and I never wear sneakers, so the two together was too much for everyone.

8th grade didn't say a word- SHOCKER.  I could be standing there naked and they wouldn't even notice.  They live in an oblivion like no other.  Seriously, I might show up naked tomorrow just to see what they'd do.

Let me tell you what a comfortable day I had.  Wow.  I just felt so free and easy.  This might catch on.  Uh-oh.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try this outfit.  Oh right, no hats in school.

Maybe this one.  What, it's a skirt, the tank top is at least 3 fingers wide.  Oh yeah, again, not hats.

Seriously, naked is looking like my only option. Let's link up with the Finding the Funny ladies and Saturday Laughs and  see what they think. There's a giveaway at Finding the Funny,  so GO!


  1. I bet it was a comfy day! Have you lost weight?

    1. Hard to believe you can ask that question after my nacho post!!

  2. My, my, my, eighth graders are certainly a self-involved bunch, aren't they? :)

  3. Love it!! I never wear belts either!!!

  4. Man, all places need to institute dress-down day, I could totally go for comfort! And you look great in that outfit, I could never pull off yoga pants!

  5. I think you look super cute! I love how you all kept this a secret. I bet those 6th graders loved that. I'm not surprised about those 8th graders!

    (Thanks for linking up with us over at #findingthefunny this week!)

  6. You look so cute- I can never look as good as you in yoga pants. Haha- I can totally see the eighth graders doing this! Super cute post:)

  7. Coming over from the link up. My sister teaches 6th grade and I take my kids to go visit sometimes, those kids say the funniest things. I love what you said about the 8th grades, too funny! You can pull off the yoga pants!

    I am your newest follower

  8. Gotta love being a middle school teacher. Sometimes I miss those days. sixth graders are hilarious.

  9. this is so funny, i love there is such a difference between 7th and 8th graders, not to mention the 6th graders who had the idea in the first place!


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