Sunday, June 10, 2012

Many Puns Intended

I have the most juvenile sense of humor.  It takes so very little to have me rolling.  Especially if it's a pun and a witty one at that.

It's all my 4th grade teacher's fault.  She taught us about puns.  The one I remember the most vividly,and which still makes me laugh is this one:

An ant was standing on the top of a potato chip bag.  He read the directions and suddenly he ran as fast as he could across the top.  His friend asked what the heck was wrong and he said "I'm following the directions.  It says tear along dotted line!"

Have you recoverd yet?

I found this post the other day and I decided it was so hysterical, I had to share with all of you.  Go read them and then come back and tell me about your favorite.

Was it #21?  Because that might be the one that would make me blow milk out of my nose.

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