Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm Done With Snow

Really.  Doner than done.  I don't usually get on the "I hate the snow, I'm going to Florida" bandwagon, but this year, I'm tired of looking at snow.

Actually, more like tired of knowing if I want to run out to the car, or out to the greenhouse, or to get the mail, I have to wear boots or risk getting wet.  And muddy.

And just as it goes away, we get more.

This morning, the view was really pretty.

We had a storm yesterday afternoon that turned into sleet and heavy, wet snow.  The sun looked really pretty on it this morning.

But not pretty enough that I think it should continue.

I wish I had my camera at the barn because it was really gorgeous there in the afternoon sun today.  It was like an ad for a ski resort or a Christmas card.  Horses against the background of trees covered with snow, sun bright on the snow, all the snow white and not dirty.

Playing with horses in the snow is a real chore and actually, dangerous.  For such big animals, you'd think they'd have heavy, secure footsteps that sink right into the snow, but they are like Bambi on ice, leading them in and out.  And I'm slipping just as much, hoping me feet don't end up under them.

She plows the riding ring, as you can see in the video of me riding here, but walking them to and from the field can be treacherous.  Especially as the path becomes icy from all of the weight going back on forth on the path.

We've had 3 snow days so far and it looks like at least one more and maybe more next week.  Which means school until July. 

And I keep whispering my mantra:

'tis easier to get up on a June morning than any day in January...

But I'm not sure I will really be excited about that in June.

I'm not jetting off to Florida any time soon, but I am ready to stop seeing snow.  Especially dirty, brown snow on the side of the road.


  1. I am done, too, but did you hear we were getting even MORE on Sunday??

  2. Hi- Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a Canadian living in Florida and DREAM about the snow.. Lol. The reverse happens down here and in the summer the heat and humidity are so bad it drives me crazy and I don't want to go outdoors.. Your pictures are pretty!

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