Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Night the Garlic Turned Blue

It's February vacation around here this week and I have allowed the most inappropriate eating to go on.  If you know anything about me, it's that I work very hard to eat and make healthy food which allows me to indulge in the sweets sometimes.

But this week, I've lost my mind.

It began with a trip to a pretty gross restaurant on Friday.

Saturday, I did nothing out of the ordinary except I gave k-ster a choice of 2 plans for supper.  I don't usually make suggestions, I just make the meals.  He chose lazy tacos which were fine.

And then it went downhill.

Sunday night, I made sausages.

Monday night, I didn't eat lunch because of this and when I got home, I was a madwoman, so we had Chinese food.  I sincerely dislike Chinese food.

Tuesday, I got up and had blood taken for my physical and since I had been fasting, which I equated with starving, I allowed myself the 2 donuts I've craved for weeks.

And then this happened.

I was going to make a lovely meal of chicken with noodles and spinach.  I wanted a lemony chicken, so I put some olive oil, the juice of a lemon and some pressed garlic into the pan.  Put the chicken on top and started watching last night's Tonight Show.

I turned it over and all was well.

I watched a little more of Jimmy Fallon.

I turned the chicken again and voila, it looked like I had sprinkled Comet all over the pan.

Being my grandmother's granddaughter, I freaked out, sure I was poisoning everyone in a 10 mile radius.  I was sure I was creating some sort of toxic dish and the fumes would kill us all.

My first thought was soap residue.  And then I remembered, my soap is clear and has been for like 10 years.

Maybe Comet fell into the pan?  Ridiculous, I've never used it in the kitchen.

I KNEW I should have rinsed the pan before using it.

And WTF was going on????

So, I hopped on google and simply put "garlic turned blue" and got a million links to people who had the exact same problem.

This woman has a much better view of what the color actually looked like.   My ipad makes it look kind of washed out.  It was BRIGHT neon blue, which is how everyone describes it if you google it.

Apparently, this is very common.  And not toxic.  It's just a chemical reaction.

But I don't believe it for a second.  I've never seen this happen before and I pickled a lot of cucumbers this summer with some serious vinegar in them.  And they are still not blue, all these months later.

So, we had hot dogs, beans, spinach and noodles for supper.  K-ster was like a pig in slop with the hot dogs.

Have you ever had this happen?  Would you still eat it, given the amount of pictures of it on the internet and the reassurances from extension services and science journals?


  1. No, that has never happened to me, but not only would I Have thrown the food away, but I would have thrown out the whole pan.

    1. My first thought was throw out the food AND the pan and open the windows and go out and breathe fresh air. Then google told me otherwise and I trust that the pan will be ok and no one will die. I think I'm going to throw out that bulb of garlic, though.


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