Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Favorite Fall Photo

Day 3 of the Back to Blogging with the SITS girls and I figured out why I haven't been so active on the blog.  Today's prompt is to write about your favorite fall photo.

I discovered that I don't have a lot of photos that really speak FALL to me and it was too dark to go out and take a picture as I was writing this.  I went back through the pictures I could find and I finally came up with one.

But my discovery is that using pictures in my blog is time consuming enough that I've stopped writing because I don't like to write without using a picture.  Taking pictures and then uploading them to the blog is far more time consuming than taking a picture with my ipad and posting on instagram (frenchymms, if you want to follow).

Blogger and the ipad don't get along so well, so I can't use my ipad to write a post.  That means I have to email my pictures from my ipad to my computer and then download them and then upload them to my blog.

And when I'm not feeling witty anyway, it's all just no fun.

But, I did find a picture that screams FALL, especially in New England.


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  1. That just screams Fall in Massachusetts!

  2. I know what you mean about not wanting to post without a picture, and I just haven't seem to be able to get pictures together recently.

    Although I love the photo that you did find.


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