Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long Sleeve Lady Skater Perfection

I said I was done sewing knits because I'd used every knit that was available at the fabric store, but here I am again.

Now I have to be done with knits because I don't need any more clothing!

I found this stretchy fabric and thought it might make a nice long sleeve version of the Lady Skater from kitschycoo and it might look a little bit fancier than just a regular knit because it has some texture.

It has a little bit of a lacy look to it.  I have to say that it's not the softest material on the inside, so I'm not sure how much I will end up wearing this.  It's very polyestery on the inside.

 The pattern for the Lady Skater came with several sleeve length options so I used the full sleeve length on this one.
I love the cuff at the bottom.  The sleeve was long enough without it, so I cut about an inch off before I added the cuff.

As I mentioned in this post, the  neckband just goes in so smoothly it's a luxury to make! 

She also has her act together when it comes to the sleeves.  They fit in beautifully and the ease is truly easy to deal with.  The edge of the shoulder is spot on and I like how the whole sleeve looks whether it's short or long.

I've discovered with all of my knit creations, I can't tell front from back quickly because there isn't a tag or zipper, so for easy reference, I sew in a little color at the back so I know!

Using my new friend, the twin stretch needle, the hem was a breeze and though you can see it from a distance, which I suspect means it tunneled more than it was supposed to, I like the overall look.
If kitschycoo would design other clothes, I am quite sure I would buy the patterns and make them because it is amazing to me how well the sizing matches real life and how easily it all comes together.

Again, I only used my serger for joining the dress and used my regular machine for topstitching only.  The seams are fabulous and there is a nice stretch from the serger.

I really need to stop because I have no room left in my closet!

Now, what exactly do you suppose was happening here:

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