Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lady Skater 3 Part Series, Part 2

Yesterday, I brought you a picture of my wild side.

Today, I have to show you my favorite color under the sun.  In the softest knit I have ever felt in my life.

Seriously, I should just go buy bolts of it and make my blankets and everything I own out of this knit.

This is another Lady Skater/Comino Cap mashup but with the full length sleeves.  Kistchycoo has the best patterns I've seen and I especially love how she gives pictures in her tutorials and not just sketches, or worse, no pictures at all!  I only wish she'd make an adult skirt in the same pattern she has for all those girl skirts she's been whipping up!

So, in case you were too lazy to click the link to my post from yesterday, basically, I took the Lady Skater top and merged with the shape in the torso of the Comino Cap to get a top that I really like.  I made a short sleeve, a 3 quarter sleeve and now a full length sleeve.

 Again, I love how the neckline looks and how it stays in its own shape.

And unlike on my wild print shirt from yesterday, I mastered my double needle for this shirt, so I have a great hem that actually has some stretch.

Apparently, my Bernina wants me to put the tension number up really high to make the double needle work.  I don't really get sewing machine tension, but I've always thought that the lower the number, the less the tension.  And I thought with a knit, I'd want less tension.

I kept getting the top row of stitches looking good with the double need, but the underside look exactly opposite of what I've seen all over youtube and it wasn't very stretchy.  Just being silly, I put it all the way up to 8 last night and BAM, it did exactly what I wanted and has some give.


 One of my biggest problems is that my torso is short, so shirts are usually too long for me.  I hate tucking in shirts almost as much as I hate wearing a belt (which is why you will so rarely see me doing either or both) so I am usually a somewhat rumpled mess when wearing a t-shirt.

I found a length that I really like, for me.  It's just long enough without bunching up at my hips or exposing my mid section when I raise my arms over my head.  Which I seem to do a lot in my profession....

It is ever so slightly too loose right in the middle of the front and I might tweak the pattern a little more to see if that will go away.  For now, it's my dream shirt.

Come back tomorrow and see my newest take on the Lady Skater.  Get ready to laugh because I made such a ridiculous mistake the first time, I should have my sewing machine taken away from me.

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