Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lady Skater 3 Part Series, Part 1

As I mention in this post, I discovered kitschycoo and her fabulous Lady Skater dress pattern this summer.  This was after I found her Comino Cap pattern and made one shirt but didn't especially like the pattern on me.

I love the top of the Lady Skater but I knew it wasn't long enough to make a t-shirt out of it.  So, I combined with the length of the Comino Cap and love what I came up with.  Go look here.

Since the Lady Skater has 3 sleeve lengths, and my first one was the short sleeve, I decided it was time to try this wild print with the 3 quarter sleeve and my Lady Skater/Comino Cap pattern.

I see the animal prints and the crazy prints that some women are using for these patterns on Instagram and wonder what I can get away with.  As a teacher, I have to think that a kid has to stare at me for 50 minutes, and if the fabric is way too wild or silly, they could possibly lose their minds.

And so could my colleagues if they have to see me in it ALL.DAY.

Something about this fabric spoke to me and made me think I could pull it off in a shirt.  My sister thinks it looks like a pretzel exploded.  I think it looks like leopard print meets carpet meets some Disney ride at Animal Kingdom.

I don't usually go for off the wall prints, but I think this is just enough.  A whole dress would be ridiculous.

 I love the 3 quarter length sleeve, but my favorite part is the neckline.  I love the shape of it and how it magically actually holds its shape.

My one sadness is the hem.  I had a really hard time with the double needle on knits and only just figured out what I must have been doing wrong.  I ended up giving up on the double needle entirely on this and went with the triple stitch.  I don't like it because it restricts the stretch of the hem.

No one else would ever notice but it bothers me.

I guess I must have been trying to show the lack of stretch in this picture.  Or perhaps  I was getting ready to do an old fashioned jig.

Come back tomorrow and see my second installment in this 3 part series using the mashup of the Lady Skater and Comino Cap.

Maybe I will call it the Lady Cap?  Lady Comino?  El Comino?  

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