Saturday, November 8, 2014

How I Hit the Jackpot

I walked into the teacher's room at school one day and happened upon two stacks of fabric that said free.  I couldn't believe my eyes and walked out with this.

 I sent a picture to my sister and the first thing she said was "are you sure it was free?" which  made me totally stop and check.

Who gives away fabric like this?

Yes it really said to take it.  And I didn't like all of it so I left about half of what was there.

What caught my eye first was this.
I immediately thought I should use it to make a new bag for my clothespins.  But now I feel like I would be wasting it when there has to be something amazing! 

I can't figure out what to do with any of this material.  It's mostly home dec fabric or that weight so it's not really wearable fabric. 

And someone must have used them in pairs for something because they seem to go together in pairs complementing each other.

So, your job, internet, is to tell me what I need to make with these.  Give me some ideas!!

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  1. That is a total score! Thanks for sharing! I think it would be perfect for my new linky party starting this Saturday at 8pm called “Found & Foraged” Can’t wait to party with you at


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