Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Leftover Meal

I'm sure this is all over the internet this week because Thanksgiving is fast approaching and everyone wants to use up all of their turkey right away.

I'm positive this didn't all come together on my drive home, but my brain would like me to think I'm that creative.  I think I've seen versions of this on the web.

And as usual, I don't have any specific measurements!

Oh, and I made it with chicken but turkey would be marvelous.

As you can see, it was a hit.

I made crockpot chicken yesterday, so today, I took it all apart and used about half on the bottom of my favorite piece of stoneware from the Pampered Chef:  the Deep Covered Baker!

I've never made gravy before, but I thought real gravy was necessary for this, so I used the leftover drippings that were in the crockpot and was pretty happy with it.

This mini whipper is amazing and I'm really glad I just bought it in my last order.  It doesn't fall out of the pan when you rest it to the side. It's  also small enough to use right in a mug if you're making hot chocolate.

And if you're really creative, you can buy a bunch of them and tie them to hot chocolate mix packets and write a cute note that says "we whisk you a merry christmas".

I poured the gravy over the chicken and then layered whipped potatoes on top. I also put in some onions but they didn't cook all the way.  I like that, but you  might not like crunchy onions in this, so you could pre cook them.

On top of the potatoes went my home canned cranberry sauce.  And then a layer of stuffing.

I put it in the over at 375 for about 20 minutes to heat it all through.

When I envisioned this, it was a more solid block, like lasagna on the plate.  That's because I'm pretty sure I've actually seen it plated like that on the internet. 

This meal would be sooooo easy if everything were already made and just leftover, like after a big holiday meal.  I had to make the potatoes, stuffing and gravy.

And you'd probably have some green beans leftover as a side to serve.  I served cooked spinach because I'm all healthy like that.  Gotta have something green to go with it!

If you're sick of the Thanksgiving meal after Thanksgiving, you could layer it all up in a freeze it and surprise yourself mid winter when you remember that you have that stored away!  I get so excited when I have no ideas for supper and then I remember that I put something away for later like that!

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  1. We are lame and just make sandwiches out of our leftovers....however no turkey for us this year. We are heading to NYC tomorrow and I think we're planning on having Chinese for dinner on Thursday :)


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