Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Green Tomato Pie Adventure

When we had a near freeze about 2 weeks ago, I decided to go out and pick all of the tomatoes.  Those that were starting to turn red came to the window sill and we ate about 30 of them as they ripened. 

Those that were completely green went into the freezer for my future plans of green tomato pies.

I'd never had green tomato pie, so I thought this would be interesting.  It's made just like apple pie, but with green tomatoes and it's supposed to taste like apple pie.

So, I cut up a bunch of tomatoes and put them in the pie crusts.
 I was so excited about it, I imagined we'd love it and it would become the new Thanksgiving pie.  Since I always have some green tomatoes that never ripen, I'd freeze them and make green tomato pies all the time. 

In fact, it made more sense to me as I was making it that this should be a Thanksgiving pie since it's a very timely harvest.

It smelled and look great.  I didn't tell k-ster what kind it was.  The tomatoes came out a little darker than green apples (I always leave apple skins on when I make pies), so he was alerted right away that something was different.

And then we each took a bite. 

We won't be doing that again.  The rest of the green tomatoes went right into the compost and the pie went right into the trash.  It was like eating something sort of rotten.  The tomatoes didn't taste like tomatoes, but they didn't taste like apples either.

They were really yucky.

It wasn't pleasant.

I followed the recipe to the letter.

No more green tomato anything for us!

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