Monday, November 10, 2014

Winter Means Ponyhats

The temperature went from 60 degrees on Wednesday to 30 something last night, with no hopes of seeing 60 degrees outside for a while.

This means it might be late fall and looking like winter.

We've had a great fall.  Very mild and surprisingly warm.

And we had a really nice summer.  Very little humidity and not many days with temps that were over 80.  We didn't even put the AC in the window and there were less than a week's worth of nights that we regretted that decision.

I fear that two mild seasons in a row means we are due for a winter from hell.  Everyone's proclaiming how cold it will be but I wasn't believing them until I saw the forecast for next week.

Lots of 30 something degree days.

That can only means it's time for these.


There's a stretchy hole at the top for your ponytail to come out so:
a) it's not so itchy under there (I'm not the only one that finds winter hats to be sooooo itchy, am I?) b) it looks like you're ready to have fun with that perky ponytail bopping around
c) it makes you look a little more feminine (I'm not the only female that looks like a 12 year old boy when I put on a winter hat, am I?)

I've been making and selling them in my etsy store for years, and this year, I've embellished them a little.
 Instead of just a plain hat, I've made some with some fun noodles coming out the top so it's a little more feminine (I'm not the only one that looks like a 12 year old boy... did I say that already?  I have a serious complex about it, can you tell?)

And then I got all sassy and made one with two colors to make it even more fun!

The darker colors that don't have the noodles can easily be worn by men because the ponytail hole isn't that big.  Anyone could wear it without a ponytail.

I have a lot of different colors on my etsy right now with some plain and some with the fun noodles poking out.  I can also make them in a color and yarn of your choice.  Go check them out and tell me what you think!

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  1. I need a cute hat, gloves, scarf set, but not a pony hat. They are wicked cute, but I hardly ever wear my hair up.


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