Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Making A Trifecta

Leading up to the wild fun my sister and I are revealing on Thursday, I made my first attempt at a Trifecta top by, of course, kitschycoo.  Before you think I've become a puppet for Miss Kitschycoo, I'll tell you that I tried another online pattern company.  And compared to the details in the kitschycoo patterns, it was like watching a black and white tv vs. color tv.

And if you're wondering what a black and white tv is, you're too young to be reading my blog and I'm going to tell your mom if you don't go away right now.

Anypattern, I've just about exhausted kitschycoo's collection now that I've completed the Trifecta top.  I hear there's another one in the works, so we all have something to look forward to.

The biggest change in the Trifecta from the million Lady Skaters and the Penny Pinafore I've been doing is the sleeve.  The Trifecta has a raglan sleeve.

Like a baseball shirt, which is exactly what k-ster said upon first viewing this top.

Working with a raglan sleeve is totally different from the regular set-in sleeve of her other patterns, but as with everything she does, she explained in detail with pictures and words and the markings on the patterns were a tremendous help.

As I said in my Penny Pinafore post, I don't like to mix up fabrics in my clothes.  BUT, my sister strongly suggested I make a trial Trifecta Top before embarking on the plan we are revealing tomorrow, so I went through what I had for fabrics.  I didn't think I'd like this top, so I didn't want to invest in more fabric.

I almost used some completely ridiculous fabrics because I didn't think I'd wear it in public.

I was pleasantly shocked to find that I had two complimentary grey fabrics from these two dresses that I made.  I had just enough of each.

The scary part of this pattern was the v-neck.  As with all of kitschycoo's patterns, there are many options with sleeve length and there were some interesting features for extra fun that I didn't care to try.  But I liked the idea of a v-neck.  There are other neckline options if the V isn't for you.

I'm fine with how the V itself came out, but to the trained eye, it's obvious that my topstitching didn't match the V.  And try as I might, because I had to do it twice because I'm grain of the fabric blind, it just couldn't make it follow the V.

To the untrained eye, it's fine.  Right?  I like to tell myself that it's fine.  Right???

The sleeves were easier to do than I imagined.  However, I'm not  a huge fan of the look on me.  Maybe it's the two toned feature.  Or maybe it's that the seams make me feel like my bra straps have fallen down.  I never wear shirts that have seams where these are, so it was very odd for me.

As usual, I made a major faux pas that seems to be OK but I will have to pay attention not to do it  next time.  When I used the center grey, once again, I didn't lay the pattern with the stretch properly, so it's not so giving.  It's fine and I have to be a little careful when I put it on. It's not skin tight.

One of these days, I will learn.

And since we all know how I feel about leggings pretending to be pants, I found it hysterical that I thought I could wear leggings with this top for the pictures.

It's all because I was modeling some tunics and had leggings and then remembered I needed some pictures of the Trifecta.

Enjoy the ever present butt shot.

And come back Thursday to find out what the big deal is!!

p.s. for the experts who keep noticing that my back views show a lot of weird fabric displacement across the middle of my back:  I'm sure it's driving you crazy but I think it's the way I stand rather than a flaw in what I did.  K-ster says I jam my shoulders back but that's my natural stance, so I think I'm just a freak.   I apologize if you wish I could straighten it out.

Plus, I'd rather show some wrinkles in the fabric than a tight knit across the back.  I never find that look flattering!

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  1. As one of my teachers used to say, 'if you can't see it from a galloping horse, it's ok'. That's how we roll!!


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