Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Paneled Sunsuit Debut

Did you wear sunsuits as a little girl?   In my house, they were a summer staple.  I remember wearing them until I was maybe 10 or so.

One of the things I didn't like about them was that they had to be untied when I had to go to the bathroom and then someone had to help retie them.

Obviously my sister remembered those days when she created the Paneled Sunsuit.  These straps have elastic, no ties, so anyone can get them on and off with ease.

In fact, this pattern has so many options, you could make an entire summer wardrobe and not repeat yourself!  Shorts, tanks, sunsuits, skirts, dresses....  Seriously, this could keep you busy for a while!

This pattern just released today and I'm so excited to share the link with you!

When she first mentioned that she was creating a pattern to sell, I thought she just meant she was doing the sunsuit.  When I went to visit in April, my job was to keep beanster busy, while beanster thought her job was to keep auntiejo busy, while my sister did some behind the scenes details on her pattern.

Even though I knew there were dress options that she was offering at that point, I had no idea until I saw this today just how many different things you can get from this one pattern!

I saw a few of my 5th grade girls trying to wear sunsuits this past month and they just weren't working for them.  They were too tall and the sunsuits were too small.  These maxi dress options would have been perfect for them!  The skirts are great for the older girls too!  And the hemmed tank option is fantastic.

Don't think I'm not toying with the idea that I might be small enough to fit into the biggest size of this pattern.  If I can pull it off, you might see me sporting some version of this pattern sometime soon!

Don't get ahead of yourself:   I assure you I will NOT be wearing the sunsuit option!

You can see lots of versions on instagram.  Just look for #paneledsunsuit or look for @callajaire where you can see a lot of her versions.

If you sew, get to callajaire's website and buy the pattern to download now! 

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  1. This pattern is so adorable. The kids wear swimsuits all summer, and, yes, I have to help re-tie them. I'll check out the pattern. Thanks for linking up and sharing with us at Funtastic Friday. Please join us again this week.


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