Thursday, July 9, 2015

Trying Shrimp Tacos For the First Time

When I hear the words fish/shrimp and tacos or burritos together, I tend to get a little squeamish.  I always first think of a "typical" taco of hamburger, cheese and tomatoes or a "typical" burrito full of beans.  Neither of those images supports adding fish.

However, we've come so far in our definition of tacos and burritos these days, it's hard to even recognize them as the  tacos or burritos of my childhood.

I follow on instagram and she mentioned these Honey Mango Shrimp tacos and I thought it might be just the thing to add some variation to my supper routine.  I get into such a rut of making the tried and trues because I know them and they are fast, and some nights, I think I'd rather just eat a can of ravioli than think of another supper plan.  Then I get a grip on myself and gag at the idea of canned ravioli and hop in the internet.

I liked everything in the ingredient list and as the day went on, I started thinking about how great that salsa was going to be.

I do not ever have mangoes on hand because they are fairly expensive here and I doubt their quality is great.  No mango farms here in New England!  I actually had very few of these ingredients so I had to make a trip to the grocery.  I was thrilled to find a small cabbage because even cut in half, I had way more than I needed and a large one would have been ridiculous.

I do not ever cook shrimp in any fat or oil, so after I picked myself up off the floor from the shock of using that much butter, I simply cooked them in themselves and drizzled a little honey when they were done.

I'm still trying to imagine 1.5 cups of butter for shrimp.

Here's my version:

I completely forgot about the cheese until hours after supper.  Pretty funny because I had specifically bought cheese for these. We liked them so much without the cheese, I'm not even sure I'd use it in the future.

The mango salsa is amazing but since I like to cut back on sugar, I'm not sure I'd use any sugar at all next time.  It was really sweet and if the mango is ripe enough, I think that would be enough sweetness.   I added a little extra chili powder but I think I'd add more or perhaps a slight shot of something spicier.  I'm not a spice fan at all, but I think a little kick with the sweet would be good.

The cabbage doesn't do much for taste but it adds a great crunch and some filling to put it all together.

The only problem I had was filling the tortillas.  They were impossible to  keep together with all of that deliciousness falling out, so it was a major mess with juice dripping everywhere! 

Now, if I could just get my act together to make my own tortillas from and use them for this, I think we'd have a real winner!

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