Friday, September 1, 2023

Waymaker Fabrics Round 6

Pre-ordering for Round 6 is open from August 31-September 14.
As a strike sewist for Waymaker Fabrics, I chose this Blush Flowers on modal French terry as my test fabric for Round 6.  I love the peach and greencolors with the oatmeal background and I thought these colors would be perfect to go from summer to fall in a sleeveless dress.  

Woman wearing a flower print dress
The beginning of the school year can still be really hot here and well into October, I wear sleeveless tops and dresses with a sweater, if needed.  Usually its needed in the morning and then we are melting by the afternoon!  French terry can sometimes be heavy, better suited to cold weather clothes, but in the spring, I made a tank dress in French terry that was lightweight enough for summer.  I was hoping this modal French terry might be the same way. Modal is made from natural fibers and is considered a sustainable resource. I’m trying so hard to stop with polyester blends and not everything can be made from cotton.  It’s such a soft fabric, I can’t stop touching it every time I wear it!  My favorite thing is that I’ve washed it several times and there is ZERO pilling.  That’s huge for me.  I don’t love those  eco friendly fabrics out there that end up pilling or just looking old after only a few wears.

This modal French terry is also lightweight and silky without feeling wet.  I wore it twice on very hot days and did not feel like it clung to me and I never felt stuffy in it.  It made me want to make more summer dresses out of it!  It also flows really nicely and drapes well off the body.  The wrong side of this fabric is just as soft as the right side and it would make some cozy pajamas too!  People dont really do this, but what if you sewed two pieces facing each other into a winter scarf?  That would be so soft and cozy around the face!  Let's start a trend!
Round 6 includes this same print in Fire Flowers and Maroon Flowers.  I can’t stop staring at the Fire Flowers and might have to preorder some to make a cardigan for the winter!  All of mine are solids and this would be a nice twist.  You can also get these prints on canvas and I’m thinking I’d like a bag with the Fire Flowers too❤️  
Fire flowersMaroon flowers
There are other new prints in Round 6 as well as fabrics that pair well with them.  Pre-ordering is open from August 31-September 14.  You can get your print on Cotton Lycra, Tencel Cotton, Modal French Terry, Canvas, French Terry, Jersey and Athletic Knit.  The content of each fabric is listed as you choose which one you want, which I love about this company!!

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