Monday, October 16, 2023

All the Pumpkin Spice I Need

I might have raved about the modal French terry fabric from Waymaker fabrics here and all over instagram  and I’m about to do it again !  I bought the orange heather modal French terry for an unknown project.  I knew it would be orange but I wasn’t sure how bright it would be, so I didn’t know if I’d make a shirt or a dress.  

I was thrilled to see that’s it’s more like a pumpkin spice orange than a construction worker orange.  It’s super soft, which is why I love this fabric and it drapes so well!  The print is a really nice heather.  People kept telling me when I wore it that it’s such a fall dress.  Guess what folks, I’ll be wearing it all winter too!

I decided to go with a dress length and love it!  I took the Panama tee dress pattern from Alina Design Co. and added a little flair to give it some flow.  The pattern as written is a pretty straight dress so this is very swingy compared to the original.  I like the way this pattern fits and it’s become a basic I turn to again and again to try different ideas that come to me.

And now I have to buy some brown leather boots because black isn’t doing it for me with this color.  

My experience with the other two pieces of fabric that I bought from Waymaker fabrics is that the dye holds up well and the fabric doesn’t pill, so I highly recommend this fabric when you order anything!  It looks like this particular print is out of stock right now but any of the prints that are available would be marvelous on the modal French terry!  Once you wear one thing made of it, you won’t be able to think about anything else!  

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