Friday, May 7, 2010


There have been 3 items of clothing in my life that I have especially loved and all 3 have disappeared at one time or another. I think I'm cursed. The first was a cross necklace that someone gave me for my First Communion. It vanished into thin air and couldn't be found for years. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I noticed it hanging at the back of a bookshelf, somewhere that I never could have dropped it. I thought it was God's work. It then disappeared again, so where was the first place I looked? Of course, in on that same bookshelf, thinking God liked to put it there. No such luck and I never found it again.

The second was a red bathing suit that my friend Jen gave me. I thought it was the coolest bathing suit. It was a one piece and had what I guess would be called ruching My mother made me wash it and hang it on the line to dry but then it vanished. You probably think I went back to that bookshelf, right? Of course not. By then I knew that God didn't put my cross on the shelf and of course, I also knew that God didn't care about my red bathing suit enough to put it in plain sight. My mother claimed that maybe it blew off into the bushes. I looked pretty hard for it but never found it. I always wondered how a bright red bathing suit could just fly off in to the bushes and then never be seen.

Today, I realize that my mother probably took that cross because she didn't want me to lose and then she herself lost it and I found it the first time. Where it went the second time is anyone's guess. I also later figured that she never liked that red bathing suit (maybe because it was racy looking or because it had been previously worn- eeeew) so she probably disposed of it herself. If I asked her today she would say she doesn't remember a red bathing suit. Hmmm.

My third material love in this life is a pair of Ann Taylor capris. I didn't think they were all that special when I bought them but I have learned they are the best pair of capris ever made. For almost the entire summer last year I thought they were gone. Again, vanished before my eyes. Around September I found that they had been buried under some clothes on my washing machine all summer. That's what I get for not putting things away. I thought the curse was gone until this morning. I decided to go and get these capris from the summer clothes box even though I was running late. I found them right away and thought they came down the stairs with me. However, when it was time to get dressed, I just kept wandering around hoping I'd find them. I went into each room roughly 5 times assuming they would appear. I do that a lot, walking around and around thinking maybe this time around I will see whatever I am looking for. Now I was on the verge of frustrated tears knowing I had them in my hand and there was no way they disappeared. I thought maybe I should call in sick because otherwise I would be pantsless. Finally, I retraced my steps back to the summer clothes box and THERE THEY WERE. I got sidetracked and put them down and then forgot to bring them with me.


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