Saturday, May 8, 2010

Too Many Choices

Do we really need to have a choice when it comes to what pictures are on stamps? Really? It boggles my mind to wait in line while someone in front of me has to deliberate about whether they want Simpsons stamps, Liberty Bell stamps or Love stamps. Once you put it on the envelope, you'll never see it again so WHO CARES???? I know I've never lost respect for a person because they chose the wrong stamp to mail my letter. How many marriages have failed because LOVE stamps weren't put on the invitations? Of all the things we need to make serious choices about in this life, must postage stamps be one of them? And why do the postal workers take it so seriously? Think of the minutes that could be saved by simply taking whatever stamps out of the drawer and handing them to the person who wants to buy them instead of having this ridiculous conversation.

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