Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Showin' Me A Good Time

My man sure knows how to show a woman a good time on a Friday night! Take for instance, last Friday night. While most women want to be wined and dined and would never think staying in on a Friday is appropriate, I live for Friday nights at home. I am so busy and so programmed all week that having nothing to do after I teach my spinning class is like my dream night. Such was the plan last Friday night. I thought I'd eat something, maybe mow some grass before sundown, watch The Blind Side.

So I got home to find him outside the garage, under his truck in the dirt, trying to replace the pipe that goes from where you put the gas in the truck and where it actually enters the gas tank. Mechanics, eat your hearts out with that explanation. Anyway,he said it would be a simple thing to do, just undo two bolts and as long as he had daylight, he'd be done soon.

After I finished using my reel mower(the old fashioned push behind that use no fuel and only like grass that is less than 5 inches tall), he asked if I could "help" him for a minute. That minute turned into 2-3 hours and let me tell you how exciting it was. He lifted the truck 6 inches a few years ago and not only does this make it very bouncy and me feel very silly in it, it also means that I can sit completely upright and almost scoot around underneath it. My job was trifold: first, I was to go out and find some cinderblocks and patio blocks and bring them in to quickly SHOVE under the gas tank to support it as he held it up with all his strength(had it been empty, this would have been far easier). Then, my later job was to quickly slide out those very same blocks before he dropped the thing on his head so he could lower it down to reach the bolts that were rusted and refused to budge. Third, my job was to crawl around holding a light so he could see the bolts that refused to move while he did a lot of grunting, groaning and swearing.

As I sat on the floor of the garage(it took some convincing that his attitude might improve if he wasn't laying in dirt but instead on the garage floor, holding a light into a crevice, both of us filthy, I reminded him that the next time around, he's not going to be so lucky as to find a girl like me. My only issue was with how filthy his clothes were, so he had to take them off outside and get right in the outdoor shower and leave them out there.

How many of you out there would agree to spend a Friday night like that? I'd take that any night over fine dining and fanciness!

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