Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Idle Hands And My Idle Mind

Remember these?

You probably made them where you were a kid.  You pick a color and the person opens and closes it in time to reciting the letters.  Then you open it and pick something that's inside.  Then you lift the flap under what you chose and it says something like "you'll marry the next boy you see" or "you smell like a butt".

Lots of fun.

I remember an older girl making me one once and I thought she was  magical that she could make such a thing.  And I learned how to make them and then totally forgot.   I didn't find much use for them in high school and beyond.

What a great thing to use in the classroom though, right?  I was desperate the other day for something to do and was searching through some newsletter and saw how someone used it in the French classroom and I was excited to try it.  I made a template that everyone had to cut out and fold according to the directions on the board, in French.  That alone was a great lesson.

Then I took a bunch of irregular verbs, pronouns and some other random words and wrote them inside.  Outside, it says the colors in French.  Someone picks a color and the person spells it in French, opening and closing.  Then they select a pronoun and lift the flap to see which part of the verb and random word they  have to use it with and then they correctly write a sentence.

They really liked it.  It's amazing how I can take something fun from summer camp and make it boring by doing a lesson with it.  But they liked it. 

My favorite part was yesterday, in  my amazing class.  I have 9 kids in a class that is almost like an honors class because of the kind of kids that are in it.  I look forward to this class more than any I ever have had in my life because they just  "get it" and will do anything with  me.

They were my guinea pigs.  They were so excited to read the directions and figure it out.  Then, one of my most shining stars said:

"Great, so now what, do we just play with ourselves or what?"

I fell down laughing.  No one else laughed.  That made me laugh harder, on the inside of course.  Everyone kind of smiled but they are all of the caliber that they were trying to figure out how to use it academically and didn't realize what she said.

Truly, my mind remains in the middle school gutter.  The middle school of my times.  These days, kids don't seem to have their heads in the gutter until high school.

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