Monday, May 27, 2013

The Wedding

So, after much hinting about pictures of the wedding, here they are!  I didn't get good pictures of the  bride and groom together, which is a shame because they are a nice looking couple.

The ceremony took place in a gazebo at a yacht club, with the water in the background.  It was really pretty but sadly, made pictures look like this, so I gave up on that part.

The yacht club was really pretty and the scenery was spectacular.
This is the club itself.  There are a few rooms there to stay in, so some of the guests stayed there.  I was glad we stayed where we stayed even if the view wasn't as gorgeous as this one.

I always laugh when I see classy yacht clubs...

...with all of their "yachts" in the parking lot instead of the water!  Boatyards and yacht clubs are always in such chaotic disarray and yet it's supposed to be a place of super high class.


The gazebo was neat because they had drop down sides for the wind, which we needed at night.  The ceiling has all of these neat plates on it and we were trying to decide if they were former commodores or just members who paid for them or what.  We didn't find out.

The ceremony was in that gazebo and the cocktail hour happened on the deck, as did most of the mingling before, during and after the wedding.  I was in love with these rocking chairs and would have spent the entire evening in one if I could have.

The inside of the club was really pretty.  We ate dinner in this dining room and I spent the evening wishing I could sit in that lovely parlor because I was breaking the balls of my feet in my shoes.  No one went in there, so I didn't go, but it was so plush and warm, I just drooled thinking about taking off my shoes and sitting down.

This looks like a ballroom/dance floor but for this event, it was left empty like this.  It's pretty much what you walked through to get everywhere.  I think if this was a huge event, they would use this part too.

K-ster's brother, the groom, made this little lobster trap as the thing to put cards in at the wedding.  There were a lot of nautical things in this wedding, like the red and blue stripes on the cake and cupcakes.

This is the only picture of people that I took successfully at this wedding.  It's k-ster and his brother.
I got a real kick out of this sign.
I saw lots of people breaking this rule by the end.  I wanted to bare my feet because I was wearing these ball breakers, but I kept them on and then just about crawled to my car at the end.
I was going to wear this dress and brought it, but at the last minute, I threw in a new dress that I bought at Old Navy.  I went with the Old Navy one for several reasons and I'm glad I did.  It's too early in the summer to wear beige and I would have just been invisible.  Plus, I managed to sort of look like I belonged with this wedding because there was a lot of red and in the pictures, this coral looks kind of red!
I had to take this with the self timer in the hotel and not one angle that I tried made me happy, but you get the idea.

K-ster and I both don't really love this picture, but since there is a running joke in his family that we do nothing together, I thought I should put this in as proof that we were indeed at this wedding at the same time.

And, while I was doing a terrible job taking pictures of people, k-ster whipped out his phone at just the right moment and took this one.  And it's not enhanced at all.

The sunset was just ridiculous that night and it lasted until almost 10pm.

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  1. You look quite smashing in your pretty red dress!! What a fun idea to have wedding festivities at the yacht club!!

  2. A yacht club is all fancy schmancy! My sister wanted to get married at a place like this in October, but we're not related to the Trump's, so she's just getting married at a regular place. LOL.

  3. Oh, what a lovely venue! You are looking fab in your little red number :)

  4. It looks like a lovely wedding. And that club looks fantastic. Hope you have a great weekend.

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