Thursday, August 1, 2013

But How Would I Get Room Service?

In this morning's newspaper, I came upon the craziest story.  Yes, I actually get a newspaper delivered to my house.  And I read it.  And I'm not 75 years old.  Go figure.

I just can't jump on the reading the newspaper on the ipad thing.  I like an actual newspaper to lay out on the table in front of me.

So, after reading about the local things like the oyster farms that are being raided (people are actually stealing THOUSANDS of dollars worth of farm raised oysters this week and it's really a serious issue, not the joke that is sounds like), the train service to Boston on weekends that is putting the people in small towns along the way in a tizzy, and where I should go to get the best ice cream around, I came upon this.

It's a hotel room.  On a scissor lift.  In Denver.  For $50,000 per night.

They call it The Hotel Rehearsal.

A hotel room.  On a scissor lift.  That means a box waaaaaay up high in the air, supported only by the springy like thing that makes the lift go up and down.

A hotel room.  On a scissor lift.

A rehearsal?  It sounds more like an amusement park ride to me.

When I was younger, we had a motorhome that had a bed up front that pulled down on something similar to the scissor lift springy things.  That thing wiggled every time I moved, which was apparently a lot, so I was not allowed sleep up there anymore.

I can only imagine the wiggling that would go on in this contraption.  The wind, passing helicopters, the trembling of my body from the nerves of having to sleep in it.

It says it comes with a toilet, running water for a shower, a bed and everything else you would want.

For $50,000 per night.

In a 5 foot by 7 foot space.

On a scissor lift.

A FIVE by SEVEN foot space??????

I suppose there's no balcony?

No maid service?

No room service?

Air conditioning?

Access to the pool?

I'm pretty much left speechless now.

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  1. That's so strange. I could almost understand if it was a larger room because there would be a great view. But I don't think I would be staying there. But it reminded of this thing called Dinner In the Sky I saw on tv once. I found it online after reading your post. I think everyone and the table and chair are lifted by crane. I would never do this. I'd be losing my lunch before I ate it!


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