Thursday, August 29, 2013

OMG These Pickles Taste Like PICKLES!

Let me start by giving you the recipe in case you can't read fast enough to get to the bottom.  I've waited too long to make these refrigerator pickles.  No one should wait for even one. single. second.  Click here for amazing refrigerator pickles.

Make them right now because you have to refrigerate them for a week before you can eat them.

I made these refrigerator pickles last year and loved them.  They are sweet pickles.  I made them this year and didn't love them as much.  I'm done with them.  They are too sweet.   I like a tart pickle.

With the wild amount of cucumbers I've been picking this year, I knew I needed to try more pickles.  I had pinned this recipe because these are supposed to be more like a dill pickle.

I picked my usual morning harvest.

Seriously, I get this many at least once a week!  And by the way, this is WAY too many for this recipe.  I doubled it and still didn't use all of these.

I have a great tomato cutter that isn't Pampered Chef but should be.  I thought it might work really well to make consistent cucumber slices.  The Mandoline was cutting them too thin.

I love how serrated it is because that it just pounds through tomatoes, mushrooms and thankfully, cucumbers!  I left the skins on because I think they hold together better with all the vinegar.

I made 8 pint jars of these pickles and only stopped because it was getting late and I wasn't sure if they would taste good or not.  Each jar get its own seasonings, along with sprigs of dill.  Add the cucumbers and then you pour the boiling liquid right over them.

The worst part is that you have to refrigerate them for A WHOLE WEEK!!!  A WHOLE WEEK!  That's a really long time to wonder how they will come out.

They will blow your mind.  They actually taste like what I think a pickle should taste like.  Slightly sharp, spicy.  DELICIOUS.

Why mystifies me is the process.  You don't do a water bath or pressure canning.  But, when you put the covers on, they do snap as they suck down when they cool.  They actually seal and you have to use a can opener to open them.  Does anyone know how long they can stay in the refrigerator, unopened?  I don't know how sealed they really are.  I know they have to stay in the fridge but I wonder if they were left unopened for a few months, would they still be good?

I am definitely going to make more of these with my next big harvest and probably give away the jars.  K-ster liked them so much he asked me to send some to work with him for a coworker.  That's like the most unusual request ever.

And in case you're wondering about that man hand holding the jar?  It's is a man's hand.  I'm not that manly.

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  1. I've always intended to make these. The recipe has been around forever. Maybe this time...they seem easy enough. I always pickle wierd things and then forget about them. Like the pickled brussel sprouts..pickled cherries.. pickled swiss chard stems(with a wedge of red beet thrown into each jar) ...
    Anyway...I would think that Once the jar has sealed they should be ok in or out of the fridge. I have moved around with years worth of preserves and the only time they get thrown out is if the liquid gets cloudy. After all they are in vinegar

  2. And now I have that man hands Seinfeld episode running through my head LOL.

  3. I have made refrigerator pickles and kept them unopened in the refrig for up to a yr and they are still just fine..


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