Monday, October 21, 2013

It's Curtains!

When I first moved into this house, I made cute red curtains for the kitchen.  We have dark wood trim, so red seemed to work really well.  I have this idea that red must go with dark trim because together, they make a warm aura.

I just lost like 2 readers for that statement, didn't I?

I only made valances because I like as much light as possible in every room and this one tends to be a little dark.  Plus, no one runs naked through the kitchen so we don't need privacy.

Not that anyone runs naked through any other room in the house either.  Don't get too excited.

When I decided it was time for new curtains, k-ster somehow convinced me to go with blue.  Since he never says anything about decor, I figured I'd indulge him and I went with a blue plaid.  It just never made me happy.  It always looked cold to me and my dish towels didn't match.

It's time again for new curtains and I decided not to consult with k-ster this time.  I spend the most time in the kitchen because k-ster has deemed it the coldest room in the house with the most uncomfortable chairs.  Therefore, I should pick a curtain color that pleases me.

Which, as you guessed is red.

When I first made them, they were twice as long and way too long for these windows.  They cast an eerie darkness in the room, yet they were see through because I hadn't lined them.  It's actually a pretty flimsy fabric, which I did not realize when I bought it.  That meant that you could see the hems and they looked like crap.

I quickly decided that I could bring the hem all the way up to the bottom seam of the channel for the curtain rod.  This was a great idea because it made them more opaque so you can't see the hem, it made them shorter which works much better for this kitchen and it sucked up even more of my time that I was supposed to be using to write my goals for school!

And it allowed for a little bit out poofiness without having to put fabric balls or anything inside.  

See those Christmas lights in the bottom picture?  I put those up about 6 or or years ago for a party and we have never taken them down or used them again.  Every time I look at them, which is surprisingly not very often given that I'm in this room many times every day, I think about taking them down and then don't.

I'm so weird like that.

It's been a week since round 1 of these curtains went up, with the extra length, and k-ster has not said a word.  I bet he hasn't even noticed.  He checks this blog about once a month, so it's a race to see whether he figures it out himself first or finds it out because he's been reading up.

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