Friday, October 18, 2013

Last Weekend's Wedding

Don't get excited, it wasn't my wedding.

Last weekend, K-ster and I went to a wedding for my last high school friend that wasn't married.  It was in the middle of the state, in a town I have never been to before and hope to God I never have to go to EVER again.  Added to the overall bleakness of the town was the fact that it was drizzly at the moment of the wedding and the surrounding buildings were gothic looking, so I felt like I was in a horror movie.

Or at a funeral.

Or at the very least, an extra for a Stephen King film.

The wedding was a 4pm wedding at an armory.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  When I think of armory, I think of the only one I've been to:  the Higgins Armory when I was in 6th grade.  I could not have been more bored on that field trip and it has forever left me with the vision of knights and armor whenever I hear or see the word armory.

This particular armory didn't have a website of its own but it was listed on a lot of events sites.  Still picturing lots of metal suits, I could not imagine why any girl would choose to get a married in a place like that and none of the websites had pictures of the inside, just the outside which was very factory-like.

Or maybe armory-like.

Added to the unknowns of the location of the wedding is that fact that I had never met the bride!  He's been with her for like 4 years and for reasons none of us can figure out, I had never laid eyes on the girl.  And therefore, I knew none of her family or friends which meant a vast amount of people I had never seen before.

I wasn't sure what this all would be like.  I knew there would be some high school friends there, but I couldn't really imagine what kind of wedding it would be.  At first, I figured it would be a casual wedding, because it was at an armory (?) so I wasn't exactly going to wear jeans, but for some reason, a fancy dress and a suit for k-ster wasn't really in my plan.

Until someone forwarded me a note from their website that said that we should all wear our finest finery, i.e. cocktail attire.

So, I went back to my old green standby, the one that I have worn to no less than 5, possibly as many as 7 different weddings.  And k-ster wore a suit.

And off we went.

The armory turned out to be a senior center.  The reception was in their gym.  While you are probably imagining something akin to a high school prom in a gym, what made this gym better than most (for a fancy event) was that they had painted all of the metalwork white.  That made it brighter and bigger looking and not so factory-like.  With the strings of lights, it was pretty.  There was no doubt it was a gym, with the shuffleboard courts on the floor, but it was lovely for the evening.

The ceremony was outside, which I did not know, and since it was raining, my hair that I had actually done something with completely fell apart.  It wasn't a steady rain, just a continuous misty drizzle and I had not brought an umbrella, so I was SOL.

I was amazed at the number of people I did not know at the wedding.  I know the groom well and many of his family and family friends but apparently the bride has lots of family and friends and the two of them together have friends I don't know.  A few times, I wasn't sure I was even at the right event!

The band was great, the food was great, and the favor was different.  Instead of the cheesy favors that so many people give at weddings, this couple put out a bunch of drinking glasses of all types.  Everyone was supposed to select one to use for the night and then to take home so that when we use them in the future, we remember them.  If you got to the table early, you were lucky enough to score a matching pair, as k-ster and I did.  Others were walking around with champagne in iced tea glasses which was entertaining.

There was a variety of people from high school at this wedding.  This is all of us who graduated together, except for one who was standing and looking and us but no one realized it was him and didn't ask him to join!  And now that I look, I wonder where p-ster was during this picture (see, you knew I'd work you in somehow, p-ster!)!  So, I guess it wasn't all of us who graduated together because at least 2 of "us" were at large during this photo opp.

The groom is the farthest to the left.   At this point in the wedding, I STILL had not met the bride!

Imagine that my hair had a cute curl/wave to it before the rain hit it....

A closer look:

Sorry, too close?

K-ster tried to jump in and we firmly told him that since he wasn't cool enough to go to our high school, he had to sit this one out.

I let him be in this picture with me, though.

Because if I had just had someone take a picture of me alone, that would have been weird, right?

See the shuffleboard court over my shoulder?

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  1. Interesting place to have a wedding......

    My sister got married last weekend, and then we left for vacation the following morning, so I haven't had time to process what happened at the wedding yet.

  2. Was the bride in that photo?? Love the idea of the drinking glasses- really clever and practical.
    I enjoyed your story. Thanks for linking up with the Clever Chicks again this week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick


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