Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Mrs. Thoreson Pants

In first grade, we all had the same teacher, Mrs. Thoreson.  She was a character and in my mind's eye, she was sort of elegant, in an Olive Oyle sort of way.  Tall and thin, grandmotherly and probably stylish.

I don't know, I was busy cheating in first grade.  I snuck my spelling book into my lap and got caught and then had to stand at the board and write them during recess, without my book.  Want to know the words?  I'll never forget them:  apple, channel, canal.  Ok, I forgot the rest but I remember those very vividly.

Anycheater, Mrs. Thoreson seemed to always have her act together and though she never wore pants such as these, my sister and I have come to call them the Mrs. Thoreson pants.

Maybe she did wear them in the spring.  On no, wait, she couldn't have because we weren't allowed to wear pants in the spring and fall at our school.  Just in the winter.

Mrs. Thoreson was way too stylish to try to wear white in winter.  She made it her job to wear about as many bangles as she could get on her arms.   Then, when she wrote on the board, or led us singing in the morning, she was a one man band with all of that jingling.

When my sister made these for Bean, something about them made me think of a skinny, fashionable lady, smoking Capri cigarettes and drinking a gin and tonic.  They made her think of Mrs. Thoreson.

I was cracking up today when a-ster sent me a text with Bean wearing these pants today because I was wearing these.

They aren't as loose as Bean's, so they don't quite have the same elegant lady smoking Capris feel, and I am definitely sure that Mrs. Thoreson did not wear leggings in any color, but especially not white.

When I bought these leggings, the woman in the store had them on and they were not tight at the bottom.  They were more like a stretch capri.  She insisted they were the same pants but they aren't.

I like this outfit together but sometimes, it seems a little risque because it's not a very long tunic.  Just long enough to cover my butt.  I think if I were taller, it would be inappropriate but once again, being short pays off!

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  1. I love this - and can totally pictures Mrs. Thoreson. Also? You are ROCKING those leggings, my friend!

  2. That is so funny that the pants remind you of Mrs. Thoreson. Are you a runner? Your legs have the shape mine used to. They look very nice in those white pants.
    I am coming from the Meet & Greet Blog Hop

  3. I just wrote a novel of an entry and hit the wrong button. So, I will instead say... that is a funny story.


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