Monday, April 21, 2014

A Sticky Situation

When my family gave me the breadmaker a couple of years ago, I became the roll supplier for any big dinner we have.  They are so ridiculously easy to make with the bread machine.  The hardest part is doing the math to figure out when I have to get the dough started so they can be baked and warm when it's time to actually eat.

I usually make this recipe, but for this Easter dinner,  I wanted to use what I often use for bread from the cookbook that came with the machine.

It wasn't until I was rolling the dough into small rolls that I realized why I don't usually use this recipe for dinner rolls.  My sister doesn't eat dairy and these have butter.  The other recipe that I usually use doesn't, so they work perfectly.

Sadly, she didn't get to have rolls for Easter dinner!

The usual recipe suggests putting a honey/butter drizzle on the top.  I don't usually put the butter because of my sister, but I do put the honey.

I figured I could drizzle some honey on these and they would be similar.

I waited until after they were baked and then, while they were still warm, I put the honey and the heat melted it quite nicely.

It made for sticky rolls though.  Everyone had to wash their hands, which they don't usually do when I make the others.   Maybe I used too much?

I just love my bread machine!  

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  1. My mother has a bread machine and uses it all the time. I need to get one for me!


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