Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hamming It Up

I'm a big fan of pea soup.  For a long time, I would buy the Manischewitz package that has the peas measured out and a little packet of spices at the end.

Then, k-ster told me he doesn't like soup, so I stopped making it.

The last few times we've had a ham dinner at my parents', my sister has taken the hambone and made a soup.  Then she gives me some and I'm a happy camper for a few lunches.

I'm not sure what she uses for a recipe, but it's pretty good.

Much to her dismay, the last batch tasted florally, like the dishwasher soap or something, and I couldn't eat it.  She had stored it in something plastic that even when I washed it in my not floral soap, smelled florally.

And if there's anything I can't stand, it's the smell of fake flowers.

So, when we had a ham for Easter, I took the hambone and decided to make my own soup.  This rekindled the great floral soap taste debate.  She says she doesn't use a floral soap so it's impossible.

In any case, I got the hambone and made my soup.

But I can't stand the smell of the crockpot cooking all day (too much food smell infused in every.single.item in the house) so I put it out on the patio.

Absolutely perfect.  I didn't have to smell it cooking all day.  It cooked until the ham fell off the bone and the bones practically disintegrated.

And I portioned it out for myself and smiled a happy smile.

I found it to be pretty salty  because of the seasoning packet..  And it didn't make as many portions as I wanted.  Next time, I will just buy split peas and add my own spices.

Now, as for the packet.  I'm not sure why I ever bought this particular packet for pea soup.  It's nowhere near the soups aisle in my grocery store.  It's with all of the Jewish foods in another aisle.

And as we discussed at Easter, who eats pea soup without ham?  And ham isn't kosher, so adding it completely dekosherizes the soup.  So why does Manischewitz make it?

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  1. I don't even know what the heck pea soup is, but I love the idea of cooking outside so you don't have to smell it all day! Brilliant.


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