Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hitting The Sauce

Finally- FINALLY, I realized that if I use this handy little device, I can make a good jellied cranberry sauce that everyone will eat.
This fabulous device is called a food mill.  It's so simple and so awesome.  I poured in the boiled cranberries, put it over a pot, and then turned the handle a million times.  It squeezes out all of the juice and some of the thickness of the pulp, but it keeps the skins and most of the seeds out of it.

Behold, a lovely jellied cranberry sauce.
I like whole berry sauce, but not everyone does.  When I bought the food mill back in the summer to make blackberry jelly, I started thinking about other fabulous uses for this handy thing.

K-ster happens to know a guy who grows cranberries down the road a little.  A few years in a row, we got a lot of cranberries from him and I made a lot of cranberry things and canned a lot of sauce.  I froze some, I gave a lot of cranberries away.

And then I didn't ask for any for a couple of years because we had cranberry overload.

This year, I wanted to try my theory with jellied sauce, so I asked him to get some cranberries.

Perhaps I need to define my version of "some".  They came in this cool, old fashioned box (which I'm supposed to return...) but seriously, I could give away a gallon bag to everyone on the street and still have plenty.

So far, I have 7 pint jars of jellied sauce and we'll see what else I can come up with.
I kept some of the pulp that was left in the food mill and put it in a jar.  I'll use it like a spread.  K-ster probably will not, so I will have it all to myself.

When I decided to make jellied sauce and knew I was going to use the food mill, I was less picky about taking off every single little stem that comes with the cranberries.  After I took out that pulp and put it in a jar, I remembered the little twiggy pieces.  Hmmm, do I want little stemmy twigs in my spread?

And then I decided that since they were boiled and softened, do I really care?  And the answer is probably not.  There weren't that many.  I didn't can these because I don't trust anything for canning except this website.  I will not use any other recipes to can because I'm weird like that.  But, that's where you can see how I figured out how to do the jellied cranberry sauce.

Now to see what else I can create with cranberries.

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  1. We did choke cherry sauce instead of cranberry - because that's what we had and yes, just as you did, using a food mill is sooooo much easier.

  2. Good Afternoon to you, How fabulous to have so many cranberries gifted to you. Here in England, I buy them in small packets.
    I love food mills and I bought mine in France.... I use it mainly to make light and fluffy mashed potato, but later in the year, when the cranberries are sold here in England, I am going to try your jellied cranberries.
    It is lovely to meet you.
    Best wishes

  3. I love this idea for Jellied Cranberry sauce. With turkey day around the corner this would be fun to make. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick


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