Monday, October 13, 2014

If This Jeep Is Rocking...

Here's a true story to brighten up your week.

Walking back to the car, I remotely started it and unlocked it.  We both got in and got situated.  I went to put it in gear.


It wouldn't move.

I checked my foot on the brake.  Yep.

I checked to see if the emergency brake was on.  Nope.

I checked to see if I was losing my mind.  Not yet.

So I tried again.  Foot on brake.  No emergency break.  Car running.  No movement on the shifter.

So I tried again.

And then I looked at k-ster in panic.

"It won't move,"  I said.

"What do you mean?  Try it again," he said.

So I followed the same steps.

Nothing happened.

"Put your foot on the brake," he said, and he tried the shifter.


"Oh, it's because we are on a hill.  It's sticking.  This can happen." he said, and got out.

This sounded ludicrous.  The hill wasn't even a hill.  It was a small incline.  Surely I've parked on bigger hills, for longer periods of time with nothing sticking.  And this is a 2009 model, not 1942.

Nothing should be sticking.

I imagined being stuck there all night.  Having to call AAA.  Having to sleep over at his brother's when we hadn't planned on it.

And then I imagined that we'd keep trying and actually break the shifter right off.  And then what would happen?  How much would that cost?

K-ster went to the front and said if he rocked the vehicle, it would unstick what was stuck.  So, he started pushing on it to rock it.  And I sat there being so mad that this was happening.

It was moronic, him rocking my vehicle back and forth.  This can't be right.  He's pretty smart when it comes to fixing things and finagling things but this was the most absurd thing I'd ever heard him say.

"Ok, " he said, "when I rock it back, put your foot on the brake and then put it in gear."

I did this about 10 times.  He was getting it rocking more and more and still, nothing.  We had just had supper and I imagined him having a heart attack right there, rocking my vehicle.

"What happened?" they'd say.  "Well," I'd say, "I couldn't put it in gear and he got to rocking it to unstick it and well, he just dropped."

He changed positions and tried rocking it again.

And I sat there like a fool, putting my foot on the brake and trying to put it in gear with nothing happening except him getting more frustrated and me getting more mad.

Surely this was ridiculous.  This was not right.

"Ok," he said, "turn it off, put the emergency brake on and then turn it back on and release it and see what happens."

So, I turned off the car.

And discovered that when I had put the key in the ignition, I hadn't actually turned it forward.  It was running because I had started it from down the road.  But until you actually turn the key, nothing can happen.

So nothing was stuck.

Except the piece of my brain that was supposed to tell me to actually turn the key.


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  1. I've been in the same situation and know that frustration, but I've been able to laugh at myself -- now that it's behind me, lol.


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