Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Things You Might Hear In My Classroom

These kids are constantly cracking me up with their comments and questions and they provide far more comic relief than middle school ever did!

"Here, French lady, here's that paper you want"- waving a paper frantically in my face.  I'm not French.  And I'm not usually a lady.

"Miss Mazelle..."  they are so excited to call me Mademoiselle that somehow, this started last year and even though I correct them every time, it has spread to the new 4th grade students.  I don't know where they get this!

"Derriere sounds like you're saying deli"  me:   "well, I try not to think about the deli when I think about butts"

"That's a picture of a mime.  Or a gnome.  I always get them confused."

"Wait, what's your name again? "  "Mademoiselle W"  "No, I mean your REAL name, like when you're riding at the barn" "Oh, well you can't call me that here at school"  "Oh, ok!"  - because there are so many kids that I teach who also go to camp at the barn, I could drive a carload full of them over there after school!

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