Monday, March 28, 2016

Hell Surely Has Frozen Over

Thanks to a free container of Country Crock from Influenster, this foreign substance is now  gracing the shelves of my refrigerator!

I am staunch user of real butter, even though I grew up on margarine.  My grandmother always had real butter in the house and I loved the taste of it.  Once I started buying my own groceries, I moved to real butter and other than the occasional container of Brummel and Brown (not affiliated), I don't do much with margarine products.

As an Influenster reviewer, sometimes I get products that aren't really my thing.  Sometimes, I don't use them and or do the reviews and other times, I figure I could give it a whirl. 

I don't really think margarine is poison, it's just not what I prefer, but I thought I'd use the free container and see what it's like.

It's like your typical margarine spread.  Soft. 

That's the only drawback to real butter.  It's so hard and you have to wait forever if you want it to soften so you can make cookies.  Margarine is always cookie ready!

I used some on muffins and it was fine.  Nothing to write home about, definitely better than nothing, but not something I'm going to make sure I have on hand.

Then I used some to make chocolate chip cookies.  I was thrilled that it was soft and ready to go right away.   The batter was great and the cookies baked well.  They are good and don't taste any different to me than cookies I make with real butter.

If I were a user of margarine, I'd definitely use Country Crock if I were going through the rotation of what's on sale.  It's unlikely I will buy it in the near future.

I was given a free tub of Country Crock from Influenster to try and review.  All opinions are mine.


  1. Have you considered keeping your butter on the counter with no refrigeration? Covered, of course. Always soft. Mmmmm goooood.

    1. I used to babysit for people who kept butter in a stoneware piece in the cabinet but I just can't keep a milk product unrefrigerated !!


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