Monday, April 4, 2016

Bringing Sexy Back- To My Classroom

During a 5th grade class today, I had some kids at computers looking at the weather in some francophone countries.

A tattletale came running over and said "Sarah just typed SEX on the computer!"

"Sarah, is that true?"  Long, deadly stare.  "Then go back to your seat."

After everyone left, I asked her if she did it.  She totally admitted it. 

"Why did you do it?"

Because I'm 10.
  "Because I  wondered if there was a town called that?"

And, even though I'm not 10, I was curious too.  "Well, is there?"

"No, but there is one like it."


"Well, sort of like it.  It was SEXY."

"I highly doubt there's a town called Sexy anywhere in this world.  Don't do it again." 

Now hurry up and leave so I can go see.

Indeed, there is a town called Sexy.  In Peru.  It was in wikipedia too.   I'm not entirely sure it's real, but it's on the weather channel and wikipedia, so who would know?

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