Sunday, July 14, 2013

How Do You Spell Discrimination?

As always, I am on a quest for the perfect shoe.  Something I very rarely find.

I found a pair of flats a while back and instantly loved it but thought it was too pricey.  I've been stalking the shoe ever since and now that it appears to be rare, I really want it and must have it at almost any cost.

If found them at a DSW and when I went to DSW online (to get them through ebates and save a buck or two), they don't carry my size, so after much deliberating, I went back to the store and bought them.  And I think I'm pretty happy with them, by the way.  Very soft leather, comfortable.

Immediately upon exiting the store, I went into a very swanky anchor store for the first time.  It was a 3 floor wonder, and I happened to enter right where the shoes were, so that's the only place I went.  And I can probably say with almost 99% assurance, it was the first and last time I will ever visit this store. 

As I walked into the shoe section, I immediately found another pair of the same brand of flats that look great and are probably the new version of what I just bought, so they probably will be around for a while for me to stalk.  A young lady came right over and wanted to help and I felt like letting someone help, so here is what transpired.

Hi, how are you today, can I help you?

Yes, can I please try these on in a 7 and 7.5?  

Sure, no problem.  She walks a few steps.  Now, that was a 6 and a 7.5?

Does that even make sense?  My feet could  be either a 6 OR a whole size and a half bigger?

No, 7 and 7.5.

Ok, sure, I'll be right back.

I sat down and surveyed the swankiness that is place and awaited what would probably be a 5 and a 9.5 to try on.

She came back with 4 boxes of shoes.  I never found out what the other 2 had in them.

As she put them down, she said:

Now, are you a member of our club?

No.  I now have one shoe on.

Well, just so you know, you can't buy these shoes today, if you aren't a member of the club.

Wait, what?  I have one toe in the other shoe.  I can't buy these shoes today?

No, you can try them on, but you can't buy them until July 19th.  It was July 13th.  You can join our club and buy them today.  When you join you have to blah bla blaablablabla and attach it to your debit account and blablablablablabla  di blah bla blah and then you can have our exclusive offers.

I have both shoes on and I'm walking around the shoe area, loving the shoes.

So, you are telling me I can't buy these shoes today?  Not even at this "post anniversary celebration price"?  There were two prices, one for the anniversary celebration and one for afterward.  I had no intention of buying them at the post anniversary price, but I was incredulous that I couldn't have them at any price, even if I wanted them.

No, ma'am, you can't buy these until July 19th.  Unless you join our club.  It's called the Early blablablablabla bla blah Club and you can look at them, but you can't buy them.

So, if I wait until July 19th, I can buy them at the anniversary price, not the higher one?  

Oh, yes ma'am, you can still buy them at the celebration price.

Ok, I am done.  Thank you. 

Oh, did you want to try on the other size?  Join our club?  Try on more things you can't buy today?

What century are we in?  I am all about savings, joining clubs, earning points.  I'll pretty much do anything to save a few pennies, even if it means I have to get it online and wait a few extra days for it to arrive.

But how can this store put out merchandise for all to see and then tell everyone they can't buy it until a week later if they aren't part of the special club?

Where I live, if you find an item with a price tag on it and that tag is less than it's supposed to be, they have to honor that price anyway.  If an employee forgets to take down a sign that says something is on sale, they have to let you buy one at that sale price.  It's a law here.

I've spent the past day wondering how this is at all legal.  And how it's not discrimination.  I won't give them access to link a card to my debit account, so they won't let me buy a pair of shoes for one whole week.  Aren't they discriminating against me because  I won't give them access to my bank account?  Shouldn't I be allowed to buy them at a higher price if I don't belong to their special club?

Imagine if the grocery stores did this:  Today, members pay $1 for a bunch of bananas.  Want bananas?  Not part of the club?  Sorry, no bananas for you.  Nope, not even if you give me $5 for the bunch.

Most stores have those member savings clubs, but if you don't have a card, you can still buy the item at a higher price.  That's what normal stores do.  Bring the card and pay this much, don't bring the card and pay a higher price.  And no one has to access your bank account.

I am pretty disgusted and if this super swanky store calls me tomorrow to tell me I can have those shoes for free right now, I don't think I'll take them.

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  1. I am with you..I would not buy the shoes either. It seems really silly to put things on display for purchase and your not allowed to buy unless you join the "club" Very exclusive...
    Handmade at Warratahstree

  2. Yeah, that's pretty strange. Seems like they should at least let you buy at the higher price or sign you up as a member on the spot. If they are a members only club, then they shouldn't even let non members enter, like Costco or other exclusive stores. When stores don't want my business, I take my business elsewhere.

    I'm not sure that it is discrimination or illegal though.


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