Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Don't You Dare Tell Anyone About This

I can't stop doing this.

We fired the maid last month, so the laundry never makes it from the clean basket into the drawers in a timely fashion.

Now, I've heard that kids believe it's totally fine to wear mismatched socks and I've see it with my very own eyes.

If there's one thing I will not tolerate, it's wearing mismatched socks.  That everyone can see.  I can't stand it.  Different colors, different heights, different textures.  It's enough to make me lose my mind. 

But lately, when I go to the clean basket to get socks so I can ride, I'm in a hurry and don't have time to be looking for matches.  So, I grab a color and if the next one of that style is the same color, yippee, but if not, I put it on anyway and put my boots on and go.

It's not ok.  This is not therapeutic.  This does not show that I am making great progress in coming to terms with my undiagnosed OCD. 

I just means that when no one can see, I give in and wear mismatched socks because it's easier than continuing to look and waste precious time. 

And then I think about it the whole time I'm driving to the barn:  I'm wearing a lime and a purple sock.  That's gross.  What is wrong with  me.  Do they feel different?  No, I think they feel the same.  In fact, they are really soft and nice.  They feel great in these boots, actually.  Thank God no one can see them.  They'd think there was something wrong with me.

There's nothing wrong with me, really.  I just like my socks to match.  And I like yours to match too.  And I especially like it when the heel part is on your heel and not just wrapped around your foot, all twisted.

That gives me great pain to see.  The colored part for the heel is meant to be on the heel. 

Another story for another day, I guess.


  1. Mismatched socks drive me bananas. I keep the extra socks that I come across for a week and if I can't find a match, it goes in the trash.

  2. my kids always wore mismatched socks (i even used to buy packages of white socks so that at least the color matched if not the whole sock) and now all my g'kids (ages 2-6) are carrying on the family tradition......and I've actually been known to dress them and in frustration have put on mismatched socks on them. My 30 yr old middle daughter has no problem going to work in mismatched socks even when she's not wearing boots, boogles my mind. When she recently moved a couple months ago ....everytime a piece of furniture was moved or something was lifted up there was always a couple single socks under or behind things. They were sprouting out everywhere.
    When you go to heaven ....and your standing at the pearly gates...waiting...someone hands you a basket of all your missing socks to spend eternity matching. uggggh


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