Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shirt to Dress In Minutes

I've had 2 of these shirts, one blue and this green one, since leggings came back in style and I wear them with capri leggings.  Every time I wear them,  I think they are slightly too short for leggings and I should do something about that.
They come to just below my butt, like if I were to wear no leggings it would be very inappropriate and I think that even with leggings, tops should come to like 2 inches below the butt.

Otherwise, you're just wearing a shirt with tights and you might have read how I feel about that.

This shirt also didn't really have a finished hem.  It's serged but not even a rolled hem.  Every time I wore it, I thought it was strange and would think that I should do something about it.

So, I found this material.

It has a lot more green than you can see in this picture.  I thought it would be cute at the bottom of the shirt and kind of give it a finished look.

I cut a pretty wide strip of it and wanted to do a rolled hem.  I have a rolled hem foot but I've never really been sure how to use it properly.  The directions have never made much sense to me and it seems like it's a lot of work to get something that should be so easy with the ease of the rolled hem foot.  Since this was a straight piece of fabric, it wasn't too awful to deal with making a rolled hem.

I purposely cut it a lot longer than the circumference of the shirt because I wanted it to flow and ripple.  Now it's long enough to wear as a dress and I could probably hem it up a little so it looks finished for real.  I kind of think it looks like I just stuck this material on there.  A 2 inch length of material would have been just fine for what I was looking for!
But I spent so much time on that rolled hem..... and now I can wear it with or without leggings!  If I get my act together, I might have enough material for a scarf. 

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