Saturday, March 8, 2014

And Then There Was None

This was a particularly awesome harvest.  And now it's gone.
I can't find the post where I showed my vast plethora of jars of applesauce from a few years ago, but one year, I canned like 50 jars and had so much, I was even using it in bread in the spring.

That was a great applesauce year.

This past fall, I never had a weekend when I could go apple picking, so my sister got me about 30 pounds one weekend.  She would have gotten me more, but I felt bad asking her to haul 100 pounds of apples home for me.

I wanted to go another weekend and get 50 more pounds but  I never did, so we ended up with about 20 jars.

And I used them VEERRRRRY sparingly.

They were sooooooo good this year. 

And then, just like that, they were gone!

I could go to the grocery and buy apples and can them, but it's just not the same.  And they aren't local, which is kind of the whole point.

Canned applesauce from the store is not the same, no matter what brand I buy.


Must do a better job picking and canning apples this fall!


  1. Gosh, I had more apples than I knew what to do with! I canned and canned and canned. It was the first year in many years that we didn't have a frost or freeze when our apples trees were in bloom. It was wonderful harvesting bushel after bushel full of apples and they tasted so so good. Hopefully you'll be able to get more apples this year.

  2. The local apples ARE so much better than what you get at the stores. I have a farmers market near me (in Raynham) and that is where I get most of my produce.


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